Go PiWeek, Go! (My goal for PiWeek VII)

piweek vii breakfast

This post will be the first of one post-per-day for PiWeek VII (I hope so)

Mission for this PiWeek

Remember the great feeeling I felt this year in Euskal Encounter, having enough time to develop without any rush.



  • Change from vim to emacs


  • Learn async capabilities in grails 2.4.4
  • GPars


  • Compare with ajax


  • Integrate all of this in Seekagift
  • Deploy in public


  • Write posts about CAS 2014 and Scrum Day Oviedo
  • Investigate about Time Tracking for Taiga
  • Answer Epic topic conversation

What can I show on Friday?

A very improved version of Seekagift

Go for it!


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