PiWeek VII. Done!


PiWeek done!

Goals review


  • Change from vim to emacs


  • Learn async capabilities in grails 2.4.4
  • GPars


  • Compare with ajax


  • Upgrade Seekagift to grails 2.4.4
  • Integrate all of this in Seekagift
  • Deploy in public


  • Write post about CAS 2014
  • Write post about Scrum Day Oviedo
  • Investigate about Time Tracking for Taiga
  • Answer Epic topic conversation

In terms of progress and task done, wasn’t very well. Only achieve two of the goals.


  • Retake a 2 years old project was not as good idea as I thought.
  • Upgrade to grails 2.4.4 was easy
  • Upgrade facebook login plugin was a little bit hard to integrate with the actual project.
  • Review all facebook permissions, accounts and api calls. Most of them deprecated.
  • Review all amazon credentials and api calls. Hard problems with the API keys valid to connect with Amazon Affiliates.


Stop doing

  • Lost a lot of time and effort in an application that I’m not sure I’m going to maintain in the future.
  • Retake a very old project that I didn’t pay attention any more.

Less of

  • Focus less in ‘Working Software’ and more in ‘Personal Innovation’.

Continue doing

  • A PiWeek where I have to do my best.
  • Solo projects are not so bad.

More of

  • Learn knowledge that I can apply on next monday.
  • Create conversations during piweek that help to achieve the goals
  • In my Next PiWeek-team project, I will assure that all members share the vision

Start doing

  • Pivot much earlier, leaving useless knowledge.
  • Prepare before piweek the basic software I need.


I’m very proud of effort, very happy to concentrate in the goals and very happy to feel exhausted.

See you next PiWeek in July 2015!


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