In my first weeks in Codesai, I have to code the Conway’s Game of Life in a pair of ways.

First one was TDD inside-out in Javascript, and the second one was TDD outside-in with Groovy. I left there links to my Github.

If you want to know a little bit more about TDD styles, you can read this beautiful post: TDD – From the Inside Out or the Outside In?

After that I read the small book “Understanding the 4 Rules of Simple Design” and I leave a little review in GoodReads :

Very interesting thoughts about Four Rules of Simple Design based in Game of Life Kata.
I agree with most of the conclusions and the review of Simple Design Rules.
Little ‘but’ ahead… In my opinion, I see in the final examples, a little bit of ‘magic’ and some jumps in the flow we were following with the author.

It’s a good booklet, you can read it very quickly and you take very clear and useful information.

I’m writing right now a more extended post with detailed comments. Stay tuned!


Book review – Understanding the 4 Rules of Simple Design



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